Should We Prepare for a New Era of Cyber Pandemic in 2021

This is gradually paving the way for a new pandemic- a sharp increase in organisations being held hostage by cyber criminals, data theft, privacy breaches and disruption to supply chain across the globe

Supply Chain Attacks

Are You Vulnerable to Supply Chain Attacks?

A supply chain attack, sometimes referred to as a “value-chain” or “third-party attack”, occurs when someone penetrates your systems via an external partner or supplier who already has access to your systems, information and data. Due to the number of suppliers that companies are working with, as well as the recent increase in remote working across supply chains, the attack surface has increased drastically.

cloud technologies

Cloud Technologies: Easy Solution or Security Nightmare?

The adoption of these technologies is quick and simple. Cloud services enable organizations’ processes, improve quality, increase productivity and speed to market, but it also creates vulnerabilities that must be addressed before it is too late.